Important shortcuts in Lightroom’s Library module

Let us see the most important shortcuts in library module.

Let’s start with Lightroom’s ‘Library’ module. Let us see the first short cut ’J’. It works in a cyclic way. Pressing ‘J’ will enable minimal information in the cell around the thumbnail. Again, press ‘J’ for additional information. Again ‘J’ will hide all the information and display just the picture.

The next shortcut is for making the thumbnail bigger or smaller. Pressing + (plus) will make the thumbnail bigger. Pressing – (minus) will make the thumbnail smaller.

Pressing ‘/’ (backslash) will bring the filter bar at the top. Pressing ‘/’again will hide the same.

Select one photograph and press ‘E’, which will take to Loupe mode and pressing ‘G’ will bring it back to grid mode. Alternatively you can press ‘space bar’ to go to Loupe mode. Pressing ‘space bar’ again will take it to 1:1 zoom level. Pressing ‘G’ will bring it back to grid mode.

Press ‘T’ to enable the toolbar at the bottom. The options in the toolbar change according to the mode (Loupe or grid mode) and module (Library or Develop module) you have chosen.

The next shortcut is about flagging. Press ‘P’ to flag the photograph and press ‘X’ to mark it as rejected ( flag with X symbol on it). Press ‘U’ to remove the flag status anytime.

The star rating is straight forward. Pressing number 1 will give one star rating, 2 will give 2 star rating, likewise till the number 5. From 6, the colour labels will be applied. 6 will apply the red colour label, 7 – yellow, 8 – green, 9 – blue. There is no shortcut for purple. It has to be enabled manually.

To remove any colour label you have click on the respective numbers again. Example, press 6 for red colour label and press 6 again to remove the same.

I hope these shortcuts make you work faster. Share your knowledge if you know any other shortcuts which you think is essential.


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