Know a bit about Image File Formats

This article might introduce you to the different types of file formats we’ve all been using.

PSD – PhotoShop Document. Obviously, it is developed by Adobe for its revolutionary software – Photoshop. A PSD can have a dimension of 30,000 pixels on one side and a maximum file size of 2GB.

PSB – There is a big brother to this file format known as Large Format Photoshop Document and its extension is PSB. It can have a staggering amount of file dimension as 300,000 pixels on one side and the file size can be 4 Exabytes.

TIFF – Tagged Image File Format. It can have all types of image files in it and it saves files in a lossless manner.

CR2 – Canon Raw Image File Format version 2.0. All canon DSLR cameras can save RAW files in this format.

NEF – Nikon Electronic File Format. All Nikon DSLR cameras saves a RAW file in this format.

ARW – Alpha RAW file, from Sony for its DSLR cameras.

DNG – from Adobe stands for Digital Negative. Adobe created this file format, to create alternative RAW files for all camera manufacturers. But not many manufacturers adapted it as of now. Adobe claims that DNG saves 20% of the file size without compromising the quality.

JPEG – developed by Joint Photographers Expert Group. Most of us use  this day in & day out. The only problem with this format is, it saves the file in a lossy manner. Everytime you open and save file in JPEG, it reduces some amount of quality.

HEIF – High Efficiency Image Format. It is yet to hit the market. The one big advantage in HEIF is it reduces the file size without compromising the quality. Keep following our channel for more informative videos. If you like this video give a thumbs up, subscribe to our channel.


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