Master the Vignetting tool

How to apply Vignette effect in Lightroom?

In photography, Vignette is given to reduce/increase the brightness of a photograph in the corners when compared to the rest of the image so that the viewers’ attention is towards the centre or on the subject. Let us see how to apply vignetting in Lightroom.

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This above photograph was shot during a photowalk and is opened in ‘Develop’ module. Vignetting tools are under ‘Effects’ panel. Post crop vignetting is when vignetting is applied on the photograph after the Crop tool is used. You can apply vignetting if you have not used the crop tool as well.
There are also styles in applying the vignetting. Highlight priority is one of the styles.

Highlight priority is the most preferred by photographers as it retains the tone in the vignette applied area. The next style is Colour priority. Colour priority allows retention of the colours in the vignette applied area. Paint overlay is also a kind of effect where it brings a little smoothness in the vignette applied area.

There are 5 sliders in vignette panel.

1) Amount

The first one is the ‘Amount’ and it is straightforward. If you slide it to the left, black vignette will be applied and if you slide it towards the right, white vignette will be applied. To keep the attention within the frame it is advised to keep the slider towards the left.

2) Midpoint

The next slider is the midpoint. Midpoint slider controls the area in the photograph where you don’t want the vignette to be applied. You can see how midpoint affects the photograph by pressing and holding ‘alt’ or ‘option’ key.

3) Roundness

The third slider is roundness. You can see how round or elliptical or between both your vignette is. You can control it using this slider. To see the effect press and hold the ‘alt’ key while dragging the slider simultaneously. When you double click on the pointer it will come back to 0.

4) Feather

Indicates how smooth or how harsh you want the edges of vignetting to be applied.

5) Highlights

Highlights slider tries to bring back the details in the area where you have applied vignette.


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