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How to apply Noise Corrections in Lightroom?


This photograph, opened in ‘Develop’ module, is shot in ISO 6400 in a full frame camera.

Under details panel, there is Sharpening and Noise Reduction sliders. There are 2 kinds of noises in digital photograph – luminance and color noise.

tonesandgrains, postprocessing,basic tips in lightroom,tips and tricks in photography

There are three sliders for luminance noise corrections.


The luminance slider works in terms of amount. The more the ISO number, the more you have to slide towards right. For ISO’s above 6400, check how does this correction works in 1:1 ratios. For this image, at 35 appears to be cool, the noise has reduced.


 This slider will try to bring back the details lost during the luminance correction.


This will bring in some amount of contrast wherever the noise correction has been applied.

Next we have color noise.


If it is a RAW file, by default Lightroom applies 25 units in color noise correction. If you feel if that is not enough or too much then adjust it as per your requirements.


This slider works the same as we have seen before. It tries to get back the details lost when the color noise correction was applied.


This slider will bring in little smoothness in the noise corrected area so that it looks pleasing to the eye.


The Photograph below is the final Image after Noise Correction
tonesandgrains, postprocessing,basic tips in lightroom,tips and tricks in photography

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