Sony’s lowest priced Full Frame Camera – Sony A 7iii


Sony a7iii is the lowest priced, full frame camera, from Sony.

This is priced at 1,64,990 Indian rupees.

Special Features of this Camera

There are 2 interesting features which is added, adapted from the famous alpha 9 series. One being the joystick which is added to the camera in the physical body. This will be helpful in shifting the focus point at setting the menu. Number 2 is the eye focus which will be very helpful in achieving the focus almost all the time regardless of the subject being very fast or not moving within the scale.

Focus Points

Alpha 7 III comes with 693 focus point which are spreaded across the frame and all of them are face deduction types. When you turn on a IPSC mode, you are instructing the camera to reduce the image size and obviously the area is getting reduced and the number of focus points here is 299 face detection type. This number of focus points will get changed here and there depending on the type of lens you use.

Continuous Shooting

Focus sensor sensitivity is -3 exposure value till +20 exposure value which means focus sensor is dealing with 24 F-stops. In continuous shooting, you can reach upto 10 frames per second in this camera in high plus setting. When in low setting you can reach upto 3 frames per second. And, in between, you can set even 6 or 8 frames per second.

Obviously for high end wildlife action, you will need 10 FPS setting and if it is a portrait session you may have to choose 3 or 6 FPS. When you have set 10 FPS you can go upto 40 photographs in uncompressed raw. But you can go upto 163 shots if it is superfine JPEG.

The inbuilt image stabilization function from this camera would be performed based on the lens specification as well. The IS compensation is only for pitch or Yaw Shake.

Shutter Speed

The shutter type being used in this camera is electronically controlled vertical traverse focal plane shutter like in many other cameras. The maximum shutter speed is 1/8000 and the minimum is 30 seconds. The flash sync speed is 1/250 with sony flash units.

Metering Modes

The metering mode in this camera is 1200-zone Evaluative metering which means the entire scene is divided into 1200 zones and the light is being measured before the exposure being achieved. The one more metering mode is average highlight metering mode which means the  highlights in the entire scene is taken into account before the exposure is achieved. You can shoot completely anti-flicker in this camera.


ISO performance in this camera starts from 100 till 51200. When you turn on the expected ISO range you can start from 50 and you can reach till 2,04,800.

Video Recording

Like many cameras in the market this camera can also record videos in 4K at a size of 3840 pixel / 2160 pixels at 30p and 24p. The ability to record slow motion video start from 120 FPS and 60FPS on FULL HD size 1920/1080. The electronic viewfinder in this camera comes with 100% field of view which means whatever you are seeing in the viewfinder will be in the photograph. And the best part is, you can also adjust the brightness of the viewfinder.

View Finder

On one end it will be -2 steps on the other end it goes upto +2 steps which means you can have control of  5 steps of brightness adjustment which will be very helpful in a broad daylight shooting. And you can also adjust  the colours displayed in the viewfinder. You can see the image histogram and the electronic levels also in the viewfinder. In short almost all the essential counts will be available in the view-finder.

File Size

The file size from this camera comes at a size of 50Mb, obviously the Raw one and compressed. Dimensions of the file is 6000 pixel / 4000 pixel. The sensor used in this camera is a back illuminated sensor at 24.2Megapixel which come with a extraordinary sensitivity and dynamic range.

Memory Card Slots

This camera comes with 2 memory card slots. The battery used in this camera is a latest one from Sony and in a single charge you can go upto 610 shot when using EVF and you can shoot upto 710 shot when using LCD. On video recording you can shoot upto 125 mins when using LCD and when using EVF you can shoot up to 115 mins which means obviously you will be consuming a lot of battery when use EVF. The good thing here is you can charge the battery while shooting.


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