What is Photography?

Photography is an art or process of recording images onto a photosensitive surface. Not only that! Photography is also recording a place, an event, a face or giving life to one’s thoughts. Otherwise it will not be view-able other than you. It is also a 2D visual language to which the world is in debt.

How is a photograph made?

Using two things – 1. Camera and 2. Lens. The camera behind the lens, records the image which the lens sees. The lens sees the environment based on the characteristics. For example, an ultra wide lens sees almost everything in front of it. On the contrary, a tele-zoom lens sees only a small portion in front of it. We can change the lens depending on how and what we need to see/capture. And eventually you’ll record using the camera. This simple phenomenon has brought in lot of mind boggling photographs. Also it created lots of questions in a beginner’s mind. Because of the very nature of technicalities a camera comes with. The second part, apart from the camera and lens is the visual language it brings out.

What is composition?

The art of placing the subject within the 4 edges of a photograph to communicate your thoughts in the most effective way.

What to know the different type of compositions used in photography? Click here.



Disclaimer 1: The copyrights of the above Photographs remains with the individual photographers or whomsoever he/she have transferred it to.

Disclaimer 2: The explanation of the above photographs are purely from the author’s perspective.


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